About Us

QSA is an international educational academy dedicated to the academic and all round development of our students who are girls between the ages of 11 and 17. Our objective is not only to train students academically but also to help them grow and develop into responsible citizens capable of attaining their full potential in life.

The Academy is a science-based secondary school, on a 25 hectare land with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities where the students are fully residential (boarding)

As a science academy, we stimulate the curiosity in our students so as to help them develop  their mental agility, persistence and hunger for more knowledge essential qualities that are needed to face the marvelous modern world of science and technology.

To achieve this objective, we maintain on our staff roll, teachers who are excellent in their academic and moral standards. We also complement their knowledge and professional expertise with up to-date regular courses and training in their various fields of teaching.


Our classrooms are well-equipped and air conditioned and designed to
accommodate only 20 students per classroom.
This small number of students permits dynamic lessons where the
teacher is able communicate with each student


We consider technology as an invaluable part of our training. Thus we have a Resource Center We consider technology in the Academy Accordingly, we have well-equipped computer laboratories where students learn various lessons and skills and are full made aware that ICT will continue to be an integral part of their future professional and domestic environment. We also use software in various subtle which not only makes lessons more enjoyable but also assists any learning through practice


As we are science oriented, the Academy has many science laboratories with every detail carefully planned and installed. The labs consist of encellent and modern instruments and adequat materials Where students learn, investigate and do their practical work in an on a nt which is pleasant and arouses their curiosity.


Our library, which is an important part of our Rebrce Centre, is being stocked with many books for academic reference, investigation, consultation or pure interesting reading and learning. The students are prepared well for WAEC Senior NECO and Jambin SS3. Last year, all students received a credit or distinction in every subject in SS2, students may take IGCSE in English, Mathematics, Physics, chemistry and Biology, the school is a Cambridge centre for these exams. JS3 are prepared for Junior NECO.


Queens Science Academy is not only a place of academic instruction but also an environment where we learn to live happily in a community just like home. Our sleeping quarters (dorms) consist of separate rooms which accommodate all maximum of eight students per room complete with internal bathrooms and toilets. All our rooms are air-conditioned to allow for comfortable living which is a prerequisite for effective learning. For relaxation, students of the Academy have a common Room July equipped with Cable Television (school controlled viewing), DVD, Games (Chess, monopoly, scrabbles, etc.) in-door table tennis and snooker. The Common Room and recreation places are constantly under the watchful eyes of our matrons. Our students also have the opportunity to engage in different sporting activities including basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis and/or athletics as we consider sports an important part of our Curriculum


We consider the development the falth of our very essent necessary. for this purpose, We spiritual leaders who teach and guide our girls in their spiritual developments. For instance, Muslim students are led in the five daily prayers by a Muslim cleric and instructed in the Qur’an (Tajweed) both in the morning and in the evening

We consider the health of our students very seriously. In this regard we maintain a school clinic which is attended by our in-house nurses 24 hours a day. We also have a medical retainership with a reputable medical centre within a close proximity of the school.

But we are more concerned about prevention. For this reason, our meals are carefully controlled in their quality, quantity and taste. The diet is programmed under the supervision of a Nutritionist so that the correct level of proteins and calories are adequate. Meanwhile, our drinking water which comes from our boreholes is treated and tested regularly and analyzed by special laboratories.