Dear Friends – Parents, Students and Well-Wishers. You are all welcome to Queens Science Academy Kanol!.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all our prospective parents and students. We are a thriving school community ready and waiting to welcome your daughter to a world full of new opportunities and experiences. 

We believe that every young girl is unique and therefore deserving of the very best that we can provide. 

Our Holistic approach to education is manifested by a sound pastoral care programme and a wide curriculum that caters for the academic, spiritual, moral, social and creative needs of our students.

As a Science Academy we try to stimulate the critical thinking skills of our students using the Practical Inquiry approach to teaching and learning. The focus throughout is on developing the Cognitive, Psychomotor and Intellectual skills of each student by means of  critical discourse, reflection, articulation and exploration in what can only be described as a deep, situated and authentic learning environment.

After their time at  QSA, our Girls are not only highly educated but will have developed into good caring citizens with leadership, self discipline and self confidence skills, all  necessary life skills to participate in a  21st Century  working environment. 

Whilst you will get a glimpse of our school from this prospectus there is no substitute for a personal visit. We welcome your arrival and ensure you that we will take you on a personal tour of our campus.

You will then understand why we consider our school to be truly excellent and a “home from home”. Please contact us to arrange an individual visit or come and visit us on Open Day.