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Boarding At Queens’ Science Academy

Queens’ Science Academy has always been a boarding school with three standard boarding house facilities.

 The boarding house provide our  girls with a home where they are catered for by experienced house parents and matrons where they learn to develop into mature and independent young and responsible citizens. They make lifelong friends here, daily routine of academic work and extracurricular activities encourage the girls to develop a healthy balance between work and play.

  Each boarding house has a strong team of caring matrons who understands and caters for the needs of each boarder.   

   Boarding Staff

 The boarding staff includes Head of boarding, House parents and matrons who   are all very responsible, helpful and polite.

    Boarding Facilities

  In Queens’ Science Academy, the rooms are spacious that it accommodates eight girls with their entire luggage. There are working air conditioners in all the rooms.

QSA has common rooms and a mosque for use daily.


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Academic Excellence

  At Queens Science Academy learning is at the very heart of everything that occurs in our school. We offer students a broad, balanced curriculum which is challenging and intellectually stimulating throughout their time at QSA. We also equip students with the skills needed for the demands of the 21st century.

Our classrooms are equipped with air-conditioned and designed to accommodate a maximum of 20 students per classroom. As a science based school, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is the heart of what we do: This includes moving from teacher led individual lessons to student designed and led inquiry based lessons, tasks and projects. Also our laboratories are well equipped to make teaching and learning of science more interactive and interesting.

The academic programme in the school is divided into 2 sections, the senior section and the junior section. Form tutors are allocated to each group in a year. Every year has a Year Head and every section has a Key Stage Coordinator. This is to enable the smooth running of the school and ensure potentials are fulfilled.

The school runs the following curriculum for the Senior Section; IGCSE exams are written in the second year of this section (SS2), while the WAEC and NECO examination are written in the final year (SS3).

For the junior section they write their examination at end of the junior section. This is at the end of their third year the examination written is Junior NECO (JS3).


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