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The school’s curriculum is drawn from the Federal Ministry of Education, the Cambridge International Education and the International Baccalaureate requirements, making sure that adequate time is appropriated for all the aspects and the development of the essentially fundamental skills, especially in the Sciences, Mathematics and English Language, in addition to the use and application of ICT.

At QSA, core subjects such as the Science, Mathematics and English Language are given precedence over all other subjects in the curriculum.

A balanced curriculum, covering a broad range of subjects, equip the students with regular teaching that spans across a wide range of subjects to further compliment their learning.  The curriculum is organized in a system of faculties as follows:

Junior Sciences: Agricultural Sciences, Basic Sciences, Basic Technology and Physical and Health Education.

• Senior Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Fisheries.

Mathematics: Mathematics, Further Mathematics and ICT.

Languages: English Language, Literature-in-English, French and Hausa Language.

Humanities: Social Studies, Geography, Home Economics, Foods and Nutrition, Creative and Cultural Arts, Catering Crafts and Economics.

• IRS: Islamic Religious Studies, Tajweed and Arabic.

The layout of the curriculum is shown in the break down below for both the Junior School and Senior School students.

JUNIOR SCHOOL: English Language, Mathematics, Basic Science, Basic Technology, Agricultural Science, Home Economics, Creative and Cultural Arts, Social Studies, Civic Education, Arabic, French, Hausa, Tajweed and Islamic Religious Studies.

SENIOR SCHOOL: English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Food and Nutrition, Further Mathematics, Fishery, Catering Crafts, Hausa, Tajweed and Islamic Religious Studies.